Introducing the Bombay Collection

12/17/2023 / New collections

The Bombay Collection is a vibrant celebration of color and joy, a reflection of life's richness and the beauty found in sharing moments of happiness. Each piece in this collection epitomizes the exuberance of living life to the fullest, evoking a sense of vitality and style. Let's explore the four captivating colors that define this collection: Brilliant Black, Crisp Blue, Vibrant Green, and Captivating Orange.

Bombay Captivating Orange

The Bombay Collection in Orange boasts a rich combination of materials, including Garnet, long slender tubes of Gold-plated brass, and Murano Glass Beads. The Bracelet Bombay Liberty Orange is a wide cuff adorned with five strands of stones, accentuated by Gold-plated brass tubes and seven garnet oval beads. Matching this design, the Choker Bombay Orange, with a length of 56 cm, features a black velvet ribbon allowing for a personalized fit. The Bracelet Bombay Boa Orange, at 54 cm, offers a three-wrap length, adjustable through Ziio's cufflink. Completing the set are the Earrings Bombay Orange, a precious half-moon with shimmering golden rays, and the Brooch Bombay Orange, an elegant gold-plated brass brooch with a safety clasp.

Bombay Brilliant Black

In the Bombay Collection's Brilliant Black series, the fusion of spinel, hematite, black tourmaline, long slender tubes of Gold-plated brass, and Murano glass beads create an enchanting ensemble. Similar to the Orange line, the Bracelet Bombay Liberty Black, Choker Bombay Black, and Bracelet Bombay Boa Black follow the same design elements, offering a wide cuff, a length-adjustable choker, and a three-wrap bracelet. The Earrings and Brooch in Bombay Black complement the set with a sophisticated yet dazzling design.

Bombay Crisp Blue

The Bombay Collection in Crisp Blue exhibits a compelling combination of Lapis Lazuli, Iolite, Gold-plated brass tubes, and Murano Glass Beads. The pieces, including the Bracelet Bombay Liberty Blu, Choker Bombay Blu, Bracelet Bombay Boa Blu, Earrings Bombay Blu, and Brooch Bombay Blu, maintain a consistent design, offering a sense of elegance and allure in a stunning blue hue.

Bombay Vibrant Green

The Vibrant Green series within the Bombay Collection features Peridot, Gold-plated brass tubes, and Murano glass beads. Just like its counterparts, the Bracelet BOMBAY Liberty Green, Choker Bombay Green, Bracelet Bombay Boa Green, Earrings Bombay Green, and Brooch Bombay Green, echo a design that is rich in charm and sophistication.

The Bombay Collection transcends traditional jewelry designs, offering a fusion of radiant colors and sophisticated elements, expressing an exuberant style in every piece. Immerse yourself in the joyous symphony of hues with this collection, representing the essence of vivacity and elegance.

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