A journey to the past

The wheel of history was set in motion in the year 1940. After the war, unable to find work in his profession as a barber, Tià and Conxita decided to purchase Café Parisienne, although they were forced to change its name as that denomination seemed too cosmopolitan for the political situation of that time. Thus, thanks to Conxita's idea, Café Rambla was born. In no time, the establishment flourished and attracted everyone. It served the best horchata and the most delicious ice cream in the entire city.

Exterior of the café with customers

Interior of the bar with customers

Mrs. Conxita cutting ice cream

In 1967, Carles, the son of Tià and Conxita, began his studies at the Escola Superior de Belles Arts de Barcelona (Higher School of Fine Arts), leaving restoration aside. At that moment, the first change took place, and the family transformed the old café into Souvenirs Rambla with the boom of tourism in the 1960s. In the establishment, you could find castañuelas, banderillas, Don Quixotes, inflatables, Mexican hats, ceramics, black wood, huge cowhides... And we cannot forget the quintessential souvenir of the time, the flamenco postcards and, now collectibles, the Marín dolls.

Exterior of Souvenirs Rambla

Conxita and Tià showing the Marín dolls

Mrs. Conxita, Carles, Tià, and the sales assistants of Souvenirs Rambla

In 1971, Bel arrived at Souvenirs Rambla, and that's when she began to introduce the first items not only for tourists; wallets, jewelry, Guido and Yves Saint Laurent umbrellas, and unique tarot cards that even had a waiting list.

Mrs. Conxita and Bel

Interior of Souvenirs Rambla with the sales assistants and their son, Irineu

Exterior of Souvenirs Rambla

The next significant change in the history of Rambla came on December 15, 1980. A radical change, Bel and Carles took over the business and completely renovated the space. Very excited and with new ideas, they introduced Rambla to the world of fashion. An entire universe of renowned brands such as Paco Rabanne, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, among many others, was then opened. Figueres and the region welcomed them with open arms. The wheel, therefore, took a new turn, and along with it, came back the customers who used to enjoy those delicious ice creams with horchata, thus adding another step to the history of the family business.

Exterior of the Rambla Complements building

Interior of the boutique with sales assistants

Complete Rambla Complements Team (Conxita, Bel, and Rosa)

As time passed and with the spirit of constant renewal, change, and evolution of the couple, in 1997, the renovation of the store was entrusted to architects Misse and Pep, who transformed it into the most modern and advanced 'boutique' of the time, the first all-glass store in the city of Figueres. It was at this moment that Carles resumed his artistic side and found in the large shop windows his ideal space to exhibit art and create controversy; not only attracting the attention of customers but also the press.

Under construction

Photo of the works

Boutique Window

Inside of the boutique

Inside of the boutique

Empordà Newspaper, window display "A Christmas signed by Carles Illa"

Empordà Newspaper, display "A nostalgic Christma window display"

"Consumption and Recycling" "For the peace"

Empordà Newspaper, window display "Consumption and Recycling"

Empordà Newspaper, window display "Hung from the circus of life"

The latest change, but not the last, took place on March 22, 2019. Again, with the collaboration of Coll Gorgot Arquitectes, the space was transformed once again, and RAMBLA 29 was born as we know it today. A store with distinctive features that wouldn't surprise us if we found it on the golden miles of major world cities. RAMBLA 29 and the Illa Bochaca family have accumulated more than 80 years on the Rambla of Figueres. They have been and are living witnesses of the changes that the city and its people have experienced, facing changes and crises with them. They evolve continuously to offer now, more than ever, exclusive and unique products of high quality and European manufacture that will accompany those who acquire them throughout their lives.

Exterior of the building

Boutique opening

Inside of the boutique

Bel and Carles

Plan de recuperación, transformación y resiliencia