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2/3/2024 / New collections

In the vibrant universe of fashion, there are brands that go beyond accessory creation; they tell stories of entrepreneurship, love, and resilience. IBELIV is one of those brands that has captivated our hearts, and we are excited to announce its triumphant return for the Spring-Summer 2024 season.

The Inspirational Beginning:

The IBELIV story is woven with the determination and vision of Tiana, the founder, who defied expectations while raising her son Liva in Madagascar. In an environment where cultural dynamics favored male offspring, Tiana demonstrated ingenuity and courage. Inspired by necessity and her love for craftsmanship, she began crafting items by hand to meet their daily needs, sowing the seeds of what would become IBELIV.

A Return to Roots:

Liva's journey brought his Malagasy roots to France, where he discovered design and trained as an accountant. However, the call of his roots was stronger, and together with his mother, they decided to return. The idea was clear: to design accessories that leverage Madagascar's natural resources and ancient craftsmanship, adding a contemporary touch.

Values that Guided the Way:

IBELIV is not just an accessory brand; it is a vision, a philosophy, and an alchemy of values. In an era of speed, the IBELIV team takes the necessary time to create products with a soul and authentic savoir-faire. The vision of more responsible consumption, both from a human and ecological perspective, guides every step of the design and production process.

Commitment to Sustainability:

From the beginning, IBELIV has embraced an eco-responsible approach. The brand prioritizes the use of sustainable raw materials, thereby preserving nature and its resources. Furthermore, handmade work and ancestral knowledge are valued to ensure their conservation and transmission to future generations.

Timeless Elegance:

The philosophy of IBELIV translates into timeless elegance, an alchemy between elegance and functionality, choice of materials, and comfort. Their refined style, enduring through time, is summarized in "yesterday's techniques applied to today's needs, with the hope of living better tomorrow."

The Magic Continues:

Today, IBELIV's adventure includes hundreds of artisans, but the philosophy remains intact and is meticulously transmitted to everyone joining the team. It is a collective journey, embodying progress and fulfillment.

Welcome to Spring-Summer 2024:

After the overwhelming success of the previous season, IBELIV returns with a new collection for Spring-Summer 2024. Each piece tells a story of craftsmanship, dedication, and female empowerment.

Discover the magic of IBELIV and immerse yourself in an experience where fashion meets responsibility, and each accessory is an expression of love for craftsmanship and nature. Welcome to a season filled with timeless elegance with IBELIV!

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