Discover MYWALIT's New Collection: 'Bosco'

12/13/2023 / New collections

Fashion is much more than the clothes we wear. It's an expression of who we are and how we want to be perceived by the world. Sometimes, fashion is a work of art in itself, and that's precisely the case with MYWALIT's 'Bosco' collection.

MYWALIT's philosophy, based on the values of heritage, color, and evolution, shines in this new range. From the picturesque streets of Lucca, Italy, to international fame, MYWALIT has come a long way. From its humble beginnings to a global presence, this brand has always maintained its principles, focusing on providing high-quality products with meticulous attention to color and design.

The 'Bosco' collection is the result of multifaceted inspiration. This range has come to life at the hands of Damema, a passionate artist, poet, and painter, capturing the essence of nature in her vibrant works. Her paintings, rich in energy and color, find a reflection in MYWALIT's pieces.

Damema's multicultural heritage, now settled in Italy, has been the inspiration for 'Bosco'. Every tone and hue in this collection conveys the richness of nature and the artist. The tones reflect the forest during the autumn and winter seasons. From caramel and burnt wood, reminiscent of the earthy browns of tree trunks and branches, to hazelnut, a neutral tone symbolizing the discreet creatures of the forest.

Green and marine blue transport you to the tranquility of the forest nights, while ochre recalls the golden lights playing among the fallen leaves. Each color brings to life a narrative inspired by nature, seeking to capture its essence and richness.

The 'Bosco' collection is not just an artistic representation of nature but also a statement of intent from MYWALIT. Every handbag, wallet, and purse has been carefully designed and meticulously crafted for this collection. Through this range, MYWALIT celebrates life, nature, and personal expression through color, emphasizing that art is meant not to impress but to express.

MYWALIT's new autumn/winter 23/24 collection is more than fashion; it's an experience that captures natural beauty in all its forms. It's an invitation to explore and celebrate life and nature through a color palette that captures the essence of the forest in the most poetic seasons of the year.

Get ready to immerse yourself in MYWALIT's forest, where fashion becomes a vibrant expression of art and nature.

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