Discover Casentino Fabric: History, Style, and Presenc

12/15/2023 / New collections

Casentino fabric, an emblematic textile from the Casentino region in Tuscany, has captivated fashion enthusiasts with its distinctive texture and unique textile tradition for centuries. This fabric, known for its fluffy or "bobbly" appearance, has been an essential part of Italian textile culture for generations. Its warm and durable texture, created through a "carding" process after being woven, makes it a key element in crafting winter fabrics.

Grevi: Reversible Rain Hats

In the Fall/Winter 23/24 season, Grevi, the prestigious hat brand originating from Tuscany, has introduced Casentino in a new range of reversible rain hats. This innovation incorporates the typical fluffy and warm texture of the fabric, combined with exceptional functionality due to its reversibility. The blend of tradition and modernity in these hats makes them an elegant and practical choice for this season.

Vlab Orfatti: Modernization of Classic Coats

Vlab Orfatti, a renowned brand in the textile industry, has highlighted Casentino fabric in its collection of classic-cut coats, incorporating a modern aesthetic using intense colors like orange and green. This brand has shown the versatility of Casentino fabric, offering a contemporary and bold perspective in this season's coats. The combination of tradition and modernity transforms Vlab Orfatti's coats into a unique option for fashion enthusiasts.

This Fall/Winter 23/24 season, Casentino fabric continues to be a key element in fashion, appearing in classic cuts contrasted with unique colors while maintaining its traditional textile essence. The fusion of tradition, modernity, and style makes this fabric an exceptional choice for the season.

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