Brooch Green Banded Snake


Code: TL B 806

Embellished Brooch Pin from Trovelore.
The Green Keelback showcases striking black bands against its vibrant green body, serving as a warning to predators. Did you know it's rear-fanged and mildly venomous? Found in Asia, this non-aggressive snake plays a crucial role in controlling rodent populations in its habitat.

Trovelore is a small hand makers studio creating nature inspired jewelry using needlework and mixed materials.
At Trovelore, we only make-to-order in small batches.
We hope that if the world consumes less, it will care more.
Our process is low on waste, with no overruns and excesses.
We choose to be slow, small, and unique!
Your patronage helps sustain our craft and empowers the artisans.
Enjoy our treasure trove and support a love for the handmade.

Made out of cotton, felt, metal and beads.

Made in India by expert artisans.

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