Alienina, a Sustainable and Timeless Treasure

1/31/2024 / New collections

It was in the bustling setting of the Premiere Classe Fair in Paris, during our exciting trip last September, where we stumbled upon a unique gem: Alienina. Since that serendipitous encounter, we fell in love with this Italian accessories brand that blends timeless elegance with a profound commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability.

Made with Love in Italy:

Born in the heart of Italy, in Umbria, Alienina takes pride in being entirely "made in Italy." The skilled hands of local artisans breathe life into each piece of the collection, using materials and fabrics exclusively sourced from Italy. Organic cotton ropes, oak, and biodegradable leather tell tales of authenticity and quality, conveying the very essence of Italian craftsmanship.

Commitment to Sustainability:

Since that first meeting in Paris, Alienina's commitment to sustainability has left a lasting impression. Every material used, from organic cotton ropes to biodegradable leather and oak wood, reflects the brand's dedication to ecology. The reinvention of cotton ropes, originally intended for oil lamp wicks, highlights Alienina's innovative capacity while maintaining an ethical focus.

The Elegance of Spring-Summer 2024:

We are thrilled to share that we will have the latest items from Alienina in our Spring-Summer 2024 collection. Each piece, beyond being a fashion statement, is a testament to our ongoing commitment to brands that prioritize sustainability and authenticity.

Each Piece, a Unique Masterpiece:

The uniqueness of each creation is the very essence of Alienina. While certain models may be reproduced in significant quantities, no two pieces are identical. Manual craftsmanship, inspired by traditional crafts and reinterpreted in a contemporary way, ensures that each accessory is a unique masterpiece.

Extraordinary Collaborations:

Since our discovery in Paris, we have closely followed Alienina's exceptional collaborations. The brand has left an indelible mark by partnering with prominent brands and designers such as Hope or Sara Coleman. However, Alienina's special pride lies in its exclusive collaboration with the iconic Japanese brand Comme des Garçons for the 2011 Christmas campaign, "Love is Tender." This international collaboration demonstrates the versatility and global appreciation of Alienina's unique vision.

In conclusion, our encounter with Alienina in Paris was not just a fortuitous find; it was the discovery of a sustainable and timeless treasure. Each piece tells a unique story, and each story is a celebration of enduring beauty and authenticity. Join us in immersing yourself in the charming world of Alienina, where elegance blends with responsibility, creating a legacy that transcends fleeting trends. Discover the Spring-Summer 2024 collection and be captivated by the magic of Alienina!

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